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St. Patrick Catholic School
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In the Classroom
I Have Dream ...
I have a dream that one day there
may be peace and justices for all.  
There will be no war.  I have a
dream that one day there will be no
violence.  We will all get along.  I
have a dream that the poor will not
starve.  The rich will help the poor.  I
have a dream the homeless will
have a home.  RD
I have a dream that one day all
people, the young and the old,
will not starve, will not freeze,
will not be homeless.  I have a
dream that one day everyone will
have a place to call home.  EB
The president will make laws
celebrating birthdays.  I have a
dream that everyone will get along.  
There will be no fighting.  Everyone
will obey God and praise Jesus.  I
have a dream that the ground will be
clean.  BR
Helping Others
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